Who We Are

The Vintage Fashion Expo is California’s definitive vintage marketplace for the best in vintage design, style and period pieces.

Going on 30 years, the Expo continues to provide a setting where clothing, jewelry and accessories from the late 18th century to the 1990’s can be found. Whether you’re a collector, aficionado or simply label obsessed, there’s something to discover among the many offerings for both men and women.

Taking place five times yearly in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Vintage Fashion Expo showcases over 50 prestigious dealers featuring vintage couture, designer, period pieces, fine jewelry, rare and esoteric items providing our customers with the opportunity to access the best in inspiration, vintage luxury and premium fashion.

Our Story

In 1987, a small group of dealers in San Francisco recognized the growing interest in vintage fashion among designers seeking inspiration and joined together to create what would become the ultimate vintage marketplace on the West Coast. The Expo not only attracted designers from around the world, but also collectors and vintage enthusiasts alike. Soon, the show would travel to Los Angeles and within a decade became the ultimate hunting ground for those not only seeking collectibles but one-of-a-kind items for their personal wardrobes. The Expo has since attracted the leading fashion icons of our time and continues to grow with new audiences interested in the history of and power of vintage clothing.

Our Partners

The Vintage Fashion Expo is operated by a group of partners who are dealers themselves.

Fred Dueball & Elizabeth Normoyle of Luxe vintage in San Francisco; Robert & Kristi Alvarez of Vintage Blue Moon in Southern California.

As partners, the group is focused on the long-term vision of the Expo and continue to seek out the best dealers across the country to join them in satisfying the needs of a growing clientele. 

The team is also committed to fostering educational programs on the history of fashion for students in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco metropolitan areas.